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Sunday, December 13, 2009

My short Shenzhen trip.

With a tight schedule planned for the 4 days I am there, I doubt I will see much of Shenzhen, if there is any opportunity to do so it would be in the late evenings.
The flight took slightly more than 4 hours arriving at almost 9 pm. It certainly helps that Malaysia shares the same time zone as China, without which I might need a while to get orientated.
A blast of cold air hit my face as I step off the plane into Boa’an International Airport, it’s the beginning of colder weather in Shenzhen, what a pleasant change compared to hot and humid Kuala Lumpur a couple of hours ago. The winter here I am told by my Chinese office colleagues is very mild and at between 17 to 19 degrees celcius for the duration I was there it was rather comfortable.
Now let’s see the instructions from our Shenzhen office again, take only the red taxi not the green one and show the hotel address written in Chinese, travelling in Shenzhen is safe but pay attention to your belongings!
Me with the "Red" taxi in the background.

The advise sounds sensible for travelling in any part of the world. Shenzhen is a city of 153 sq miles populated by about 9 million industrious Han Chinese living and working together with 20% of China’s PhD holders, home to the world’s ninth tallest building and a city with a record of building one high rise a day and one boulevard every three.

Shopping district near the hotel.

True enough, all I had time for was to catch some sights of Shenzhen shopping district in one of the evening near the hotel, famous for it's cheap mobile phones on sale. Also had the opportunity to have a day trip to Dongguan on official duties.

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