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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Malaysia’s Butterfly – The Yellow Archduke (Lexias canescens pardalina)

I often see this species in shaded forest areas under tall trees and from what I have read is a forest-dependent species.

It belongs to the genus Lexias which are of large, fast flying butterflies.

The Yellow Archduke with its dark brown and yellow-spotted wings blends in well with the forest floor as it feeds giving it an effective camouflage against predators.

The strong body of the Yellow Archduke is capable of powerful flight, proven when disturbed, taking off rapidly with a few wingbeats.


Ah Ngao said...

hi Tung, nice blog you got there - refreshing because of your taste for not well verse in butterflies,i do know this species called Rajah Brooke with its long /wide span ever come acroos it?

Tung Kin Foong said...

Hi Ah Ngao,
Thank you for the compliment, nice to know someone actually thinks my blog is nice.
And yes, I do come across the Rajah Brooke butterfly all the time, it is fairly common here.
Unfortunately, they are very active, fast flying butterflies that I find extremely difficult to photograph.

Barb Mcgovern said...

You have posted some beautiful pictures of the Yellow Archduke Butterfly. I have never actually seen one but your pictures are great! I really enjoy your blog. Keep it up.
Barb McGovern

Tung Kin Foong said...

Thank you. For better photos I need to upgrade my camera, something I have yet convince myself to buy but I think its about time I spend money on myself.