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Saturday, May 24, 2008

The Border Town Of Dannok - Thailand

Dannok is a small Thai town situated just across the border, opposite the Malaysian side of Bukit Kayu Hitam.

Getting there by road from Malaysia is easy, just drive till the very end of the North - South Highway and you are there.

The town is quite small and every thing is located nearby, "taxi service" by motorbikes is easily available as an alternative if you do not want to walk.

The Ringgit is accepted here, even in their Seven-Eleven stores and that can save you the trouble of currency conversion. Malay seem to be widely understood here too.

Acceptable accomodation is available at reasonable prices but do not expect too much up scale nightlife in this town, besides the few karaokes, disco and massage parlours of all sorts which plays music way too loud for my comfort to the point I have to walk out to get away from it, you might not want to spent more than a night in this town.
For people who are interested in some serious shopping, I recommend going to Hatyai sligthly further north, there is none to be found here.
Any town that serves beer with ice cubes as a common practise warrants moving on.

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