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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Pamplet of Information for Travellers dated 1921 by FMS Railways.

The FMS Railways 1921 Pamphlet of Information for Traveller's description of Taiping Town of that era is most interesting, with the exception of the rifle range, golf course and race course which is now non existent, the rest are still there.
It goes without saying the Indian Regiment has now been replaced.

Maxwell Hill, now known as Bukit Larut used to be, at the time was reserved for the rest and recreation (or should it be recuperation) for the whites, where the cooler climate was found to be more humane, especially when you are expected to be dressed in all white starched cotton suits all the time, working in a harsh, hot and humid environment without air conditioning.

The Taik Ho & Company mentioned, where you can arrange coolies and chairs to ferry visitors up to the top of the hill, a physically torturous 10 km hike, is still around today.

The picture below, showing part of the Lake Garden in the 1920's compared to what can be seen today, almost 10 decades later, surprisingly still shows many similarities.

Note the fork end of the road between the 2 pictures.

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