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Friday, February 15, 2008

The Shuntak Association of Taiping

A water color painting of the association's main premise by a young member.

The Shuntak (Shunde) Association of Taiping founded in 1896 was originally formed by my countryman to aid new immigrants from the Shuntak province of China coming into Malaya for the first time to settle in. My paternal and maternal grandparents came from the Shuntak province, a prefecture of Dongguan in China.
Ancestral tablets of past and current association members.

I was recently invited to join the association as a committee member.

The ceremonial drum and gong that was used for lion dance in the past.

Through time, the association's function has evolved as circumstances had changed and the original functions of the association no longer serves its purpose. Current members of the association are 2nd or 3rd generation settlers and regard themselves as Malaysian and are well embedded in the country.

The association has not received any guest from the home province for a very long time and has no plans in place to do that anymore. It currently serves as an institution for periodic social gatherings of fellow clansman and their family.
The association's altar for the gods to offer devine intervention when needed.

It is a non profit organisation and is financially self sufficient with funds generated from rental of association premises and membership subscription and is managed by a group of voluntary committe members like myself.

A momento from Dr.Sun Yat San in appreciation of the association's contribution towards his war efforts in China.

Imperial citations from the Emperor for scholastic ability and appointments to high governmental position awarded to two clansman during the Ching Dynasty.

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